Explain Smoke Testing in Easy and Simple Way?

Smoke Testing is always confused with Sanity Testing Example but in reality both the testing examples are different with each other. Here I am writing Smoke Testing Example in such a way that your confusion can definitely be removed by seen the example.
Now before us proceeding towards Smoke Testing Example it is very important for us to first take a warm look at Smoke Testing.

Smoke Testing – Brief Look
Smoke Testing is considered as the surface level testing which is always used to validate that build provided by development to QA team is ready to accept for further testing. In Smoke Testing we test the major point’s means major functionality of the application and it is also known by the name Build Acceptance Testing (BAT).

Smoke Testing Example – Real One
Smoke Testing Example is given below which is totally based on Real Practical Scenario means which totally reflect your software testing process in a company environment.

For example we are working in a small project named Employee Management System and in this project there are four modules like New Employee Module, Existing Employee Module, Admin Module, User Module etc. So firstly in this four modules development team performs the Smoke Testing by executing all the major functionality of modules like New Employee is able to login or not and after login new employee can seen the record of the existing employee or not, and employee that is created can also be edited, deleted or not.

So in this way Smoke Testing is done by development team before releasing means submitting the build to the Software Testing team.

Now when the build is hand over means releasing to the testing team than the software testing team has to check whether to accept or reject the build by checking the major functionality of that build. So as you know we are taking the example Employee Management System, so our build is Employee Management System.

Now when the build (Employee Management System) is submitted means release to the testing team than the testing team has to check whether to accept the build (Employee Management System) or not by checking the major functionality of the build like employee is able to login or not and after login they can seen the existing employee record or not and after that logout easily or not. So this is the Smoke Testing done by Software Testers.

Keep in Mind

Please keep one thing in mind that firstly Smoke Testing is done by developer before releasing the build to the tester and when developers done the smoke testing than they releasing the build to the testing team and then testing team decide whether to accept the build or not for performing further testing by checking the major or you can say essential functionality of the build.


Smoke Testing Example is widely used and Smoke Testing is always done whenever we have to accept the build means before accepting the build we dosmoke testing to check whether we accept the build or rejected (Refused).