Roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager

The below four lines would be the starting sentences of a typical project team meeting.

“Is every one there?” Manager asked to his team in meeting.
Answer “Yes” came in asynchronously from all different voices.
“Is everything fine? Anyone facing any issues in their project objectives?” This is manager’s voice.
One member raised the voice and told “I have one issue regarding the database design”
………….. And it goes on for an hour...

Why am I presenting the dialogs at the first place to explain the role & responsibilities of Project Manager?
In the above conversation between PM and team, we understood project monitoring role of the PM. Actually, the role & responsibilities of a Project Manager is little complex and needs to be explained elaborately in clear terms for each project. Let me list down few important roles & responsibilities of a Project Manager.(This is not a complete list)

* The Project Manager is the person responsible for managing the project.

* The Project Manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the project objectives within the constraints of the project. He is responsible for the outcome(success or failure) of the project.

* The Project Manager is involved with the planning, controlling and monitoring, and also managing and directing the assigned project resources to best meet project objectives.

* The Project Manager controls and monitors “triple constraints”—project scope, time and cost(quality also)—in managing competing project requirements.

* The Project Manager examines the organizational culture and determine whether project management is recognized as a valid role with accountability and authority for managing the project.

* The Project Manager collects metrics data(such as baseline, actual values for costs, schedule, work in progress, and work completed) & reports on project progress and other project specific information to stakeholders.

* The Project Manager is responsible for identifying, monitoring, and responding to risk.

* The Project Manager is responsible to the project stakeholders for delivering a project’s objectives within scope, schedule, cost, and quality.

* The reporting structure of a Project Manager changes depends on organizational structure. He may reports to a Functional Manager or to a Program Manager.

In a bit exaggerating terms, Project Manager is the ‘God’ of his project and he is the one who decides the success of the project.

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