Bugs in LoadRunner

Watch for my logic please:
  • Each program contains errors (bugs).
  • LoadRunner is a program too.
  • So, LoadRunner should contain bugs.
    Even more! LoadRunner contains bugs.

Here is a list of bugs in LoadRunner 9.10 that I noticed.
And I would like to ask you to share your experience on LoadRunner too. I'm sure that you faced with such errors.

Why do I do that?

  • I know, that some members of LoadRunner development team read this blog. So dear readers, you can report errors and make your favourite (I hope :)) LoadRunner better.
  • Also, there is another reason to post LoadRunner bugs. Since you are QA specialists, I think it will be interesting to find bugs in a released commercial product (= LoadRunner).
    Prove, that you are qualified bugs hunters! :)

11. LoadRunner Controller
2. Open Design tab
3. Double-click any action from 'Global Schedule' section
-> 'Edit Action' dlg is opened. OK
4. Click 'Help'
-> Nothing happens
'Help' btn doesn't work
21. Open LR Controller Help pdf-file, page 77.
2. It contains the phrase:
The following additional right-click options are available:
Reset IDs. Resets the IDs of the Vusers in the group.

Actually, menu item is named as "Renumber":
'Renumber' menu item
31. Open LoadRunner VuGen
2. Record and replay script
3. Open 'Tree view'
4. Select 'Response' item from tree view
-> 'Create Parameter' menu item is disabled, see:
5. Select 'Body' item from tree view
-> 'Create Parameter' menu item is enabled, see:
I think, 'Create Parameter' menu item should be enabled in both cases.
41. Open LoadRunner VuGen
2. Create new LR parameter
3. Open 'Parameter Simulation' dlg
-> There are not 'short keys' (underlined letters for quick access with keyboard):
5Could you send yours, dear reader?..

I think, the list of LoadRunner bugs is an interesting challenge for LoadRunner users community.
And definitely - it will be usefull for all of us.

That's why I ask you to send your
notes about LoadRunner bugs. Send detailed info and do not forget to mention your name. The world should know best testers :)