Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions-4

31) QA Manager changes a requirement from a ……….. status to a Reviewed
status once it is approved.
A) Released
B) Tested
C) Not reviewed
D) None of these

32) You can also import requirements to your Quality Center project from Microsoft
Word, Excel, or other third-party requirement management tools. To import
requirements, you must first install the appropriate………
A) HP Third Party add-in.
B) HP Quality Center add-in.
C) HP Quality Center
D) HP Quality Center License

33) The Requirements Grid view enables you to display requirements in a
A) Flat
B) Hierarchical
C) Flat-hierarchical
D) Flat non-hierarchical

34) The …………view enables you to analyze the breakdown of child requirements
according to test coverage status..

A) Coverage Analysis
B) Coverage Requirements
C) Coverage
D) Coverage Tests

35) You can access the Requirements menu bar from the Requirements module
by pressing the shortcut key …….
A) F1
B) F9
C) Ctrl + R
D) Alt + R

36) You can use the ………to restrict and dynamically change the fields and
values in the Requirements module.
A) Script Edit
B) Scriptor Editor
C) Script Editor
D) Script Editing

37) The Requirements module enables you to define and manage your……...
A) requirements
B) All requirements
C) some requirements
D) Tedious requirements

38) You can rename or delete Requirements root folder.
A) true
B) False

39) You can search for a particular requirement in the requirements tree or in the
requirements grid using the …….command.
A) Search
B) Find
C) Search All
D) Find All

40) You can replace field values in the requirements tree or in the requirements
grid using the …….command.
A) Replace
B) Replace All
C) Find & Replace
D) Replace & Find

31) C, 32) B, 33) D, 34) A, 35) B, 36) C, 37) A, 38) B, 39) B, 40) A

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