Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions-1

1) Test management with Quality Center involves …. Phases.
A) Four
B) Five
C) Six
D) Seven

2) The phases of Test management with Quality Center in order are:
A) Specify Releases, Specify Requirements, Plan Tests, Execute Tests, Track
B) Specify Requirements, Specify Releases, Plan Tests, Execute Tests, Track
C) Specify Requirements, Plan Tests, Specify Releases, Execute Tests, Track
D) Specify Releases, Specify Requirements, Plan Tests, Track Defects, Execute

3) By creating a list of authorized users and assigning each user a password and
user group, you control the kinds of additions and modifications each user makes
to the project.
A) True
B) False

4) The …….determines the privileges that the user has within a project.
A) User ID
B) User Name
C) User group
D) User SID

5) You can import data from Word or Excel to a Quality Center project.
A) True
B) False

6) Quality Center 9.2 prompts you to install Microsoft .NET ...... if it is not already
installed on your machine.
A) Framework 2.0
B) Framework 1.0
C) Framework 3.0
D) Framework 4.0

7) When you connect to a project, the Quality Center main window opens and
displays the module in which you were last working.
A) True
B) False

8) The ….can change and override a user’s properties or password.
A) Global Administrator
B) Site Administrator
C) Administrator
D) QC Administrator

9) You can filter Quality Center data to display only those records that meet the
criteria that you define. How many filters can you define
A) Single item as a filter
B) Two items as a filter
C) Multiple items as filter
D) Five items as filter

10) In the test plan tree, you can define the ……filter for associated test sets as
“Open”. This ensures that only tests that belong to an open test set are displayed.
A) Double
B) Twice
C) Cross
D) Multiple

1) B, 2) A, 3) A, 4) C, 5) A, 6) A, 7) A, 8) B, 9) C, 10) C


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