QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 13 - Synchronization

144)  If you do not want QuickTest to perform a step or checkpoint until an
object in your application achieves a certain status, you should insert
a .......... point to instruct QuickTest to pause the test until the object property
achieves the value you specify
A) Synchronization
B) Check
C) Smart Identification
D) none of above

145) Where do we Specify the Maximum Time to Wait for a Web Page to Load
A) File->Settings, Web Tab.
B) Tools->Options, Web Tab.
C) Resources->Settings, Web Tab
D) None of above

146) You can insert ........ statements that instruct QuickTest to wait until an object

A) Exist
B) Wait
C) Both A & B
D) None

147) ...... Method Waits for the browser to complete the current navigation.
A) Exist
B) Wait
C) WaitProperty
D) Sync

148) Sub Sync_Example()

Browser("Mercury Tours").Page("Mercury Tours").Sync
End Sub
The above example uses the Sync method to wait for the Mercury Tours page to
synchronize before performing the next operation.

A) True
B) False

149) .....Property- The period of time QuickTest waits before checking the emulator
status (in milliseconds).

A) SyncTime
B) Sync.Time
C) TimeSync
D) Time.Sync

150) ....... Property- Indicates whether QuickTest beeps after performing each Sync
function during a run session.

A) BeepAfterSync
B) BeepOnSync
C) BeepSync
D) Beep.Sync

151) Unlike the Exist method, the ....... method enables you to synchronize
the test run based on a specific object property.
A) WaitProperty
B) Wait
C) Sync
D) Exit

152) ...... Statement - Initiates a pause during a run session.
A) WaitProperty
B) Wait
C) Sync
D) Exit

153) ........... Property - The maximum time (in milliseconds) that QuickTest
waits for a Web page to load before running a step.
A) BrowserTimeout
B) Browser_Navigation_Timeout
C) BrowserNavigationTimeout
D) Browser_Timeout

144) a, 145) a, 146) c, 147) d, 148) a, 149) a, 150) b, 151) a, 152) b, 153) c

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