QTP Multiple Choice Questions - Set 11

101) A test comprises calls to actions. When you create a new test, it contains a
call to a ...... action.
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Multiple

102) When you open a test, you can choose to view ......
A) the test flow (calls to actions)
B) you can view and edit the individual actions stored with your test.
C) Both A & B
D) None

103) For every action called in your test, QuickTest creates a corresponding
........ in the Data Table so that you can enter Data Table parameters that are
specific to that action only.
A) action sheet
B) Excel sheet
C) Both A & B
D) None

104) When you create a test, it includes ..... action.
A) Single
B) unlimited
C) Three
D) Multiple

105) There are three kinds of actions:
A) non-reuse action, reuse action, external action
B) Call to internal action, Call to reusable action, external action
C) non-reusable action, reusable action, external action
D) Call to non-reusable action, reusable action, external action

106) By default, new actions are
A) Short
B) External
C) reusable
D) non-reusable

107) You can display or hide the Action toolbar in the Keyword View by choosing
A) View > Toolbars > Action
B) View > Toolbars > Actions
C) View > Toolbar > Action
D) Views > Toolbars > Action

108) The ...... enables you to view either the entire test flow (the calls to the
actions in the test) or you can view the steps for a selected reusable or external
A) Action Flow
B) Action file
C) Action List
D) Action Repository

109) In the ......., the Action List is always visible and the Expert View always
displays the script for the selected action.
A) Keyword View
B) Expert View
C) Action Flow
D) Action View

110) If the action is called more than once within the test flow or if the action is
called by a reusable action, the Reusable action option is ......
A) read-only
B) write-only
C) both read and write
D) read-write-executable.

111) You cannot expand ...... actions from the test flow view.
A) reusable
B) non-reusable
C) both A & B
D) None

112) You can associate shared object repositories with ...... actions
simultaneously, using the Associate Repositories dialog box
A) seven
B) Two
C) Three
D) Multiple

113) You can associate ....... object repositories with an action, and the same
object repository can be associated with different actions as needed
A) Nine
B) Twenty one
C) as many as you need
D) Twelve

114) Sometimes you may want to call an action from within an action. This is
called .......
A) Reusability
B) Nesting
C) Sharing
D) None

115) If a reusable action is called more than once in a test and you split the
action into two independent actions, each call to the action within the test will be
followed by a call to the new (reusable) action. If a reusable action is called from
another test, however, ...... it may cause the calling test to fail.
A) Nesting
B) Splitting
C) Reusing
D) Both A & C

116) You must use the ...... Action option in QuickTest if you want to save an
action under another name.
A) Resave
B) Rename
C) Reuse
D) Split

117) When you remove an external action, you remove all calls and the action
from the action list. The original action is also affected.
A) True
B) False

18) You can also press ...... to open the Rename Action dialog box
A) Shift + F2
B) Shift + F3
C) Shift + F4
D) Shift + F5

119) If you want to include one or more statements in every new action in your
test, you can create an ....
A) reusable action
B) split action
C) Function
D) action template

120) With QuickTest Professional 9.0, a maximum of .......... Actions can be
placed into a script
A) 110
B) 256
C) 120
D) 512

121) Only the file name ...... is recognized as an action template
A) ActionTemplate.mst
B) Action_Template.mst
C) Action-Template.mst
D) ActionTemplates.mst

101) a, 102) c, 103) a, 104) a, 105) c, 106) d, 107) a, 108) c, 109) b, 110) a, 111) a, 112) d, 113) c,
114) b, 115) b, 116) b, 117) b, 118) a, 119) d, 120) c, 121) a

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