QTP Multiple Choice Questions - Set 7

61) You can use the Keyword View to add a step ..........in your test.
A) at the end
B) below the currently selected step
C) at the beginning
D) at anypoint
62) The Documentation cell is .............
A) Read-only
B) Write-only
C) Read and Write
D) Read, write & execute
63) An Item column can be any of the following:
A) A test object
B) A statement like Dim
C) A step generated by step generator
D) All of above
64) The Operation cell in the keyword view specifies the operation to be performed
on the item listed in the ........... column.
A) Operation
B) Documentation
C) Item
D) Value
65) Even if the Item column in the Keyword View is displayed to the right of the
Operation column, you must still first select an item to view the list of available
operations in the Operation column.
A) True
B) False
66) The Value cell in the keyword view can contain........ value
A) Constant
B) Parameter
C) Both A) & B)
D) None of these
67)The ............... enables you to encode your passwords and place secure values
into the Data Table.
A) Password Encoder
B) Password Decoder
C) Password Encode
D) Password Decode
68) You can also encrypt strings in Data Table cells using the ......... option in the
Data Table menu.
A) Decrypt
B) Encrypt
C) Encrypt Code
D) Decrypt Code
69) In addition to adding standard statement steps to your test using the Keyword
View, you can also insert
A) Checkpoint step
B) Output value step
C) Comment step
D) All of above

70) The correct syntax of the conditiona statement starting with Do is.....
A) Do...While
B) Do...Until
C) Do...Next
D) Both A) and B)

61) D, 62) A, 63) D, 64) C, 65) A, 66) C, 67) A, 68) B, 69) D, 70) D


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