QTP Multiple Choice Questions - Set 1

1) 'Browser navigation timeout' is in which tab of Test Settings (File->Settings)
A) Properties
B) Resources
C) Web
D) Web Settings

2) How many tabs are there in Test Settings (File->Settings) window
A) 7
B) 6
C) 5
D) 8

3) Identify the tabs in the Test Settings (File->Settings) window
A) Properties, Run, Resources, Parameters, Environment, Web, Recovery
B) Properties, Run, Resources, Parameters, Environment, Web Settings,Recovery
C) Properties, Run Options, Resources, Parameters, Environment, Web,
D) Properties, Run, Resources, Input Parameters, Environment, Web, Recovery

4) 'Generate Script' is in which tab of Test Settings (File->Settings) window
A) Properties
B) Web
C) Resources
D) Recovery

5) The following are the four main columns in the Keyword view
A) Item, Operation, Value, Comments
B) Item, Operation, Value, Documentation
C) Item, Operation, Property, Documentation
D) Number, Operation, Value, Documentation

6) For each object and method in an Expert View statement, a corresponding row
exists in the Keyword View.
A) True
B) False
C) There is a problem with the statement.
D) None of above

7) You can work on one or several function libraries at the same time.
A) True
B) False

8) You can insert additional steps on the test objects captured in the Active screen
after the recording session.
A) True
B) False

9) The Active Screen enables you to parameterize object values and insert
A) True
B) False

10) A QTP user can increase or decrease the active screen information saved with
the test.
A) True
B) False

1) C,  2) A,  3) A,  4) A,  5) b,  6) A,  7) A,  8) A,  9) A,  10) A


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